Holoweb Layers and Stack

Holoweb Layers and Stack

Beyond the 2D corporate web

We’re reinventing the way the web works, and taking a stand for our sovereignty in cyberspace.

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What is the Holoweb?

The word holoweb is an abbreviation of holonic web: a nature-inspired planetary data structure and interface system.

  • A web of conceptual and perceptual data and knowledge
  • A global brain of network-independent blockchains

Holon and Holocore APPS

At the prototype stage, there will be two main applications: Holon and Holocore, which will run on Android devices.

More information

  • Own your identity and data
  • Access all your data offline
  • Keep your data and communications private and secure
  • Experience your data in 3D in cyberspaces
  • Access everything in one place

Inside the Holoweb

Take a look at some LIVE information below, on the current state of the known public Holoweb in this moment.

The data below is provided through the Earth Holoweb (~earth),  the first publicly accessible Holoweb.

Holowebs Holowebs

Holonic webs

Holapps Holapps

Holographic applications


Holonic DNA

Networks networks



May 2020
Initial crowd-funding
3.5k raised, 50 supporters, 70 holoweb access-packs to be distributed.
June - July 2020
Development of holoweb prototype
Holocore, Stargate network
July 2020
Launch of protoype
Stargate test-network with 70 people.
August 2020
Prototype Development (Continued)
Expansion of prototype.
August 2020
Community Embodiment
Deployment of holoweb prototype in communities. Expansion of prototype.
September 2020
Further development
Planning of beta software with partners. Expansion of prototype.
October 2020
Fund-raising and investment round for beta development.
November 2020 onwards
Beta development commences
Funded development beyond prototype with partners.


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