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October 2020 Update:

Holocore v0.1a prototype has been removed from Google Play, as a completely new version is now being developed, which will be tested in a closed alpha-test group, prior to open beta testing.


Holocore is your passport for the Holoweb, required for using a Holoweb Browser, which is used to surf the Holoweb; Holocore securely stores your data, self-sovereign identity, and handles communication with friends over the internet through different networks, such as the Stargate network (the native networking system of the Holoweb).

Please note that Holocore and the Holoweb are still in a very early stage of development; Holocore currently has limited functionality. Please check for updates on Google Play regularly, or turn on automatic updates to ensure you are kept up-to-date with the latest version of Holocore.

Version 0.1a now available!
[closed alpha testing]

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Advanced users:


A mobile Holoweb Browser, for surfing the Holoweb; Holon allows you to view and interact with holowebs in “cyber-spaces” containing holonic applications (or ‘holapps’).

Holon works by connecting to your Holocore, which connects directly to the internet.

Coming soon. App not yet available.

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Advanced users:

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