Building a web that values
sovereignty|privacy|health|accessibility|free speech|efficiency|clarity|flow|awareness|knowledge|autonomy|resilience|security|democracy|resilience|self-governance|simplicity|freedom

for the sake of global perception, democracy, self-governance, freedom of speech, privacy, sovereignty – all of which are challenged by the design and increasingly monopolistic usage patterns of the current web.


What is the Holoweb Foundation?

The Holoweb Foundation is a non-profit organisation with the mission of developing and maintaining of an open-source holonic web, as defined in the white-paper.

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Current Status

The organisation will be formally created with a constitution, following the completion of a prototype implementation of the Holoweb and additional fund-raising. For regular updates, please subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of this page.

  • ♦  Ongoing: Holoweb prototype development and alpha testing
  • ♦  November 2021: Whitepaper supplement published
  • ♦  June 2021: Genesis Web pre-release published
  • ♦  December 2020: Draft white-paper released

Support Us

Please consider making a donation below, using either PayPal or Bitcoin. For direct bank transfers please contact us by e-mail.  Larger donations will go towards establishing the Holoweb Foundation, and supporting a dedicated core team.


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