Holocore Privacy Policy

Camera usage

The camera is only used for and while scanning QR codes. The camera is not used for any other purpose. No images are ever stored by the app at any time.

Data storage

Your personal data is stored in an encrypted form (using your Holokey) in a private folder on your phone, which is only accessible by the Holocore application (and the Android operating system).

Uploaded Data

No personal data is currently uploaded by the app. In future, when personal data is shared with friends via a server (such as a Stargate), it will be done so using end-to-end encryption (between Holocores). Therefore, any servers used will only ever store personal data in an encrypted form.

Stargate Usage

When a stargate (holoweb server) is used, your identity is kept fully anonymous. The public encryption keys used for server authentication are separate to public encryption keys used for identification of users on the Holoweb. Public encryption keys connected to user identity (used when signing data on the holoweb) are never uploaded to a stargate.

Third Parties

We do not share any data with third parties.