Holokey Generation

What is a Holokey?

A Holokey is a way of securing your identity and personal data on the Holoweb. A Holokey contains a very strong password stored in a QR code, which is used to encrypt and decrypt your personal data.

Your Holokey is only ever used to encrypt data stored in a private folder on your phone. It is never used to encrypt data transmitted over the internet.

Make a Holokey

It’s easy to create a Holokey. Your Holokey QR code can be stored anywhere, digitally or in a physical form, as long as it can be scanned by the camera on your phone.

It is obviously important to keep your Holokey QR code private, so we do not recommend storing it in a digital form. We recommend storing it in a physical form only (printed from a secure computer), and keeping 3 physical copies: one for usage on person, and two additional copies for backup purposes, stored in a secure location.

Photographing your QR code is not recommended.

It is advised to attach the QR code you are using on person to a physical object such as a plastic card, preferably in a form that waterproofs the QR code (protects it from water).


1. On a computer connected to a printer, right click here and open the link (Holokey QR code generator) in a private window.

If you are not able to open the link in a private window, left click on the link (use a normal window) and clear your browser image cache after step 3.

2. Print the page, with ‘Margins’ set to ‘None’ (if possible).

3. Close the browser window.

4. Cut out the QR codes with scissors, along the dashed lines.

5. Attach one of the QR codes to something you will not lose that you can keep securely on person, such as a plastic card.

6. Store the other two QR codes in a private and secure location for backup purposes.