Holoweb Coin Pre-Sale

Holoweb Coin ERC20 Token (HWEB)

Token Metrics

Pre-sale 2021
0.75 USD / HWEB
ICO 2022
1.50 USD / HWEB
Launch 2023
1.50 USD / HWEB
  • Pre-sale Supply 150,000
  • Value 1 HWEB = 1.50 USD
  • ROI (in ICO) 200%


The Holoweb Coin pre-sale will primarily fund a global ICO to fund the production build of the Holoweb software and infrastructure. The sale will also fund the completion of the Holoweb Prototype and ongoing research and development in the computational layer of the Holoweb.

  • 70%Global ICO
  • 20%Prototype Completion
  • 10%Computational R&D
after launch

Price Stability

The value of HWEB will be regulated and stabalised by the Holoweb Foundation and Holoweb Services Ltd, providing services and assets exclusively in exchange for HWEB at variable rates, based on the exchange rate of HWEB with USD, GBP and EUR.

Services will be provided for both the prototype version and the production version, until the prototype is fully phased out.

Services and assets
providing income streams and market stability of HWEB


Approximately equivalent to domain names. The official Holoweb Browser will ship with a trusted global namespace.

Hosting (Holospace)

Stargate Network will be the first Holospace Provider, operated by both the Holoweb Foundation (non-profit) and Holoweb Services Ltd.

Holoweb Design

Holonic web design includes both Holoweb DNA (ontology) design and Web-core design.

Holapp Design

Holonic application design. Holapps are like 'lenses', used to visualise and interact with data in holospace.


Physical plastic cards containing a high-entropy encryption key, used to secure Holocore (personal sovereign identity and data storage and browser session manager).

Training & Certification

For various aspects of Holoweb Design, hosting and Holapp Design.


A mixture of different merchandise, such as t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, etc.

Purchasing HWEB

To purchase HWEB during the pre-sale, please send ETH to the following address:

ETH address


Token Availability

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