Holoweb Prototype


To get setup, first download the Holocore app, and then open the app to start the setup process. You will need a Holokey to create your self-sovereign identity.

When prompted for a network access token, scan your “Stargate Access Token”, if you have one (all holoweb access packs include one of these). This is the only type of network currently supported.

If you do not have a stargate access token, you will only be able to connect to other stargates as a guest. This occurs when adding a friend, who is a member of a stargate (has an access token).


Adding and inviting friends currently occurs through QR codes, generated and scanned by Holocore. The QR codes can be distributed (exchanged) as files, or scanned locally if two friends are in the same physical location.

When you invite a friend using Holocore, a QR code is generated for you to give to them. This code contains your name, username, public identity key, a public connection key, and networking information (for example, a stargate through which you can be reached). When your friend scans this code, you are added to their friends list, and they should be able to exchange information with you (for example, via a stargate).

When you add a friend (by scanning a QR code generated by a friend), you are giving permission for that friend to connect to you, and/or receive information you have shared in holowebs, where that friend is included in the set of people who have access to the holoweb (each holoweb includes a definition of who has access).

Friends cannot communicate bidirectionally in holowebs, until both friends have added each other.


A stargate is a holonic-web server, used to facilitate the exchange of data between friends over the internet. Stargates use end-to-end encryption enabling true privacy online, unlike current web servers, which typically store data unencrypted (opening the door to exploitation of private data and business models which rely on selling your private data).

Encrypted data is only stored on a stargate for as long as is necessary to distribute it to all the peers who need the data. Once the data has been distributed it is deleted. This also saves storage space on the server.

Also unlike servers on the current web, a stargate doesn’t store information for only one website or domain: a stargate can serve multiple holowebs simultaneously, and furthermore, a holoweb can be served via multiple stargates (for redundancy or for other reasons).

When a stargate is used to distribute public data, this data can be stored indefinitely in an unencrypted form; encryption is not necessary for public data, and deleting the data after it has been distributed would be inefficient (for example, if new members join a stargate the data would need to be re-uploaded for it to be accessible).


The Holocore application is now available for Android. The Holoweb Browser (called Holon) will be the next app in development, which will connect to Holocore.

Please see the Apps page for more information.


Please see the Holokey page.


Please see the Holocore Privacy Policy